Pao Ying Hsiao, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Interests: Interprofessional education, simulation, teaching and technology; nutrition epidemiology, dietary assessment


Robin Tucker, Michigan State University

Interests: sleep, taste, obesity, diabetes


Mary-Jon Ludy, Bowling Green State University

Interests: nutrition, body composition, energy balance, bioactive spinces, innovative teaching, and college health

Jacqueline Vernarelli, Sacred Heart University

Interests: nutrition epidemiology

Matt Moran, Sacred Heart University

Interests: orthopedic biomechanics

Mike Flock, University of Pittsburgh

Interests: entrepreneurish, science communications, project management, public/private partnerships, implementation; cardiovascular disease, weight management, lipid metabolism, fatty acids, dietary supplements, clinical trials, product development

Jyothi Thrivikraman, Leiden University College

Interests: food waste, food insecurity as well as social protection/social security (focused on health insurance)

Wei-Chin Tseng, University of Taipei

Interests: Aging, exercise rehab, exercise evaluation, exercise instruction, Exercise induced muscle damage, Delayed-onset muscle soreness, Eccentric exercise, Repeated bout effect, crosss-education effect, Cold water immersion, whole-body cryotherapy, Post-exercise Recovery, Resistance training, Core temperature, Jet lag, sleep deprivation

Shang-Yih Chan, Taipei City Hospital

Interests: cardiology, ischemic heart disease, echocardiography, hypertension dyslipidemia, congestive heart failure, AMI, SCD (sudden cardiac death) and telemedicine

Che-Hsiu Chen, National Taiwan University of Sport

Xin Ye, Universtiy of Hartford

Interests: exercise physiology, exercise testing, human performance, neuromuscular function, surface electromyography, muscle tatigue

Shima Norihiro, Tokai Gakuen University

Interests: Exercise, strength and power training (velocit-based training), detraining, postactivation potentiation, sports performance, physical performance, core (trunk) coordination, intra-abodominal pressure, 3D motion capture, aging, sarcopenia, dynapenia, dementia, neuromuscular physiology, fatigue, electromyography, mechanomyography, blood pressure

Tze-Huan Lei, Hubei Normal University

Rita Strakovsky, Michigan State University

Interests: Pregnancy/fetal programming, obesity/adiposity, women's health, reproduction, epidemiology, macronutrient intake, epigenetics