Welcome to the official website for the Global Academic-Industrial Cooperative Society (GAICS)!


GAICS organizes and hosts international joint conferences that focus on interdisciplinary communication and promotes linking academic research and industrial practice. The founders of GAICS come from over 20 countries. Our objective is to provide a platform for both scholars and practitioners to share their research, innovation, and experience with the world.


In 2017, our founding year, we hosted the first International Joint Conference in Tokyo, with nearly 250 delegates from over 40 countries participating in this event. We strongly believe that international joint conferences across all disciplines can not only offer participants an opportunity to share and strengthen interdisciplinary research, but also provides participants a chance to network with people from different cultures, backgrounds and disciplines, for the collective aim of collaboration.


Along with our international joint conferences, GAICS also promotes the dissemination of research through our sponsored journal publications, which include the International Journal of Education, Teaching and Learning (JETL), the International Journal of Business in Sports, Tourism and Hospitality Management (JBSM), and the International Journal of Health, Nutrition and Exercise Science (JNES).


For more information about the GAICS organization and the services we provide to our members, please browse our webpage. You can also follow our social media accounts on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If you have any questions or comments regarding GAICS, please feel free to share your opinions with us (secretariat@gaics.org).