International Journal of Social Sciences, Economics and Industry (JSSI)


The aim of the journal seeks to highlight research that can raise the profile of emerging research in the areas of Social Sciences and Artistic Innovations. It also seeks to nurture ongoing and constantly evolving discussions surrounding the purposes of research and development at the policy making level as well as the practitioner level. The essential purposes of these disciplines and processes are to achieve the optimum operational distribution and understanding while integrating them with creative applications. These outcomes seek to support researchers’ work that systematically consider, explore, and investigate solutions to current issues and circumstances.  Publishing researchers’ work on innovative practices research that systematically identify the impacts of these innovative approaches as well as upon educational systems and situational contexts.   

This journal invites researchers, content designers, administrators, policy makers, academics, educators and practitioners from around the world to share emerging trends in and findings relating to social sciences and arts and submit their study findings. In addition, the field of social sciences, research is also welcomed for Creative Ideas that integrate artistry and creativity. While continuing this into research and to explore international practices by promoting artistic and creative research praxis to bridge between traditional research methods and innovative ideas in both education and the educational industry. The journal specifically encourages interdisciplinary collaboration between researchers and practitioners from academics, creative arts and industry through the publication of insightful and rigorously researched papers that substantially contribute to the knowledge of social sciences and creative arts. 


JSSI publishes manuscripts from across all interconnected fields of research that contribute to contemporary knowledge of the social sciences and arts that include but not restricted to:

Social Sciences

  • Marketing
  • Organization Behavior
  • Business Operation
  • Business Management
  • Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty
  • Service Quality and Innovation
  • Retailing Management, Evolution and Marketing

Business Innovations